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This is a OAK Jenn Air Grill Cover Cutting Board.
1. I use only the best OAK for this cover
2. I plane it till it is smooth
3. It is then cut into strips for the size of the board
4. It is then glued with Food Safe Waterproof Glue "Tightbond 2" and clamped till dried
5. It is then replaned to size and sanded with 150 grit and 320 grit paper
6. Then I apply Food safe Mineral Oil
Jenn Air Oak Cutting Board

1. You should apply mineral oil before using it. Rub a generous coat on both sides and let soak in overnight. Then buff off the excess. You may use any time after that.
2. Maintenance consist of: wash with warm soapy water - disenfect with cholorine bleach (that kills all the harmful bacteria).
3. Rub with mineral oil whenever it looks like it needs it.
4. You can never overdo the mineral oil, Never use: Corn - Olive - Vegetable Oil

Keep it clean
You have to keep it clean and dry. Scrub your board after every use with hot, soapy water. If you put 1 tablespoon of bleach into a gallon of water and rinse with that, so much the better.

Beware of moisture collecting beneath the board if you leave it on the counter. If you can, prop one end up when not using your board. Avoid aggressive cleaver chopping on your board, plastic or wood. It's a cutting board, not a chopping block. You run the risk of gouging the surface. A smooth surface is easier to keep clean.

Oiling, scraping, sanding, and planing
Wooden boards need oiling once a week to seal the grain against bacteria. Use a product that is 1) edible; and 2) tasteless. Mineral oil is a popular choice. So too is a combination of beeswax and oil. Don't use salad oil or olive oil. Either one will turn rancid in time.

If you own a wooden board, buy a steel scraper to clean the surface of the board as you use it. Scraping removes 75% of the moisture that builds up on a wooden cutting board. An occasional sanding will return a wooden board to a smooth luster. But never scrub a wooden board with a steel brush.
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